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More Feminist Hysteria Over “Plan B” Restrictions

Feminists, and now Cecile Richards, just can’t stop their juvenile whining.  The sting of betrayal they have felt, after having been denied (perhaps only temporarily) from enacting a most dangerous and immoral initiative against young girls still throbs painfully and incessantly.  Their campaign to corrupt as many young girls into their vulgar feminist world of sexual depravity has, for now, been thwarted by the Obama Administration’s, and Kathleen Sebelius’ overruling which would have allowed any girl, at any “reproductive” age the legal ability to purchase the Morning After Pill.  That includes ten year old girls!

She bemoans that:

In a country where nearly half of all pregnancies are unplanned, effective birth control isn’t just a convenience — it’s an urgent health need that too many women are still unable to meet.

Isn’t it ironic that in a country where young boys and girls are being educated not to abstain from sex, but rather how to engage in sex and what types of sex to engage in, such a high percentage of “unwanted pregnancies” are the result?  Someone like Cecile would absolutely oppose abstinence only education.  Perverts like Cecile are the reason and the cause for why so many young girls find themselves in “an urgent health need”.  In other words, if more young girls, and boys, were taught to respect one another, and each others virginity; that virginity itself is not an embarrassing crutch, a debilitating bane; that there is character and strength in remaining virgin – there would be far fewer “unwanted pregnancies” and far less need for emergency contraception – “urgent health needs” as Cecile puts it.

Young girls are engaging in sex precisely because of the despicable actions of women like Cecile Richards who, “prostituting” themselves for a “pimp” like Planned Parenthood, nowhere advocates abstinence only, and abstinence until married.  To her, to Planned Parenthood, to all lunatic feminists, it’s all about ensuring girls, at whatever age they feel comfortable having sex, “whenever they are ready”, as she puts it, have a means in which to end an unwanted pregnancy, should that be result.

Writes Cecile:

The reality is that some teens become sexually active before they’re old enough to buy Plan B without a prescription and 750,000 teens become pregnant every year. That means we should do all we can to keep teens from being parents before they are ready.

The “reality” is that teens are becoming sexually active because they are taught in public schools all over America that it is acceptable for them to engage in sex.  Teachers, adults, betraying their authority, the trust parents instill in them to properly educate their children.  Cecile Richards is among the betrayers and cowards.  To a lowlife feminist like her, doing “all we can do” does not mean teaching young girls to keep their damn clothes on and conducting themselves with moral restraint and integrity.  “All we can do” means to miscreants and vipers like Cecile is filling a young girl’s head with “sexual liberation” and “her body, her choice” ideology; to not worry about the “consequences” because Planned Parenthood can make those consequences disappear.

She states that:

Planned Parenthood strongly supports parents in their efforts to protect their teens’ sexual health, and we work with teens to encourage responsible decisions and help them delay sex until they are ready for it.

Planned Parenthood works to protect its own cash flow and bottom line.  Planned Parenthood works to protect its abortion business.  Planned Parenthood does not work to provide teens with “responsible decisions”, nor does Planned Parenthood work to “help them delay sex until they are ready“.  And if they did isn’t that in of itself dangerous?  Is it Planned Parenthood’s right to undermine a parent’s authority where their own children are concerned?  Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood certainly think so.  “When they are ready” could mean at age sixteen or under.  Planned Parenthood, and Cecile Richards, are intentionally deceiving young girls, leading them down a twisted road in sexual depravity, leading them away from the loving embrace of their own parents and into the cold, dead, unfeeling arms of feminism.

This is a fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives with regards to teen sexuality – we, conservatives, strongly feel all teens ought to delay sex not until “they are ready”, but rather until after they are married.  Liberals seem to be all too comfortable with teens (as long as they are not their children) engaging in sex whenever they feel “ready”.

Pooh-poohs Cecile:

Unfortunately, this hysteria is a smokescreen that has obscured the real issue: women need better access to this safe, effective and vitally important medication.

On the contrary, it is dangerous, diabolical feminists like Cecile that have obscured reality with a liberal smokescreen.  Women need better access to positive role models and influences, and a proper education that instills the moral value of abstinence before marriage.  Women, and young girls, need to feel strong in their virginity, not ashamed of it.  Women, and young girls, need to band together in solidarity against Cecile’s, Planned Parenthood’s, liberalism’s and all of feminism’s push to rape them of their innocence and purity, and then to leech off of their mistakes for their own lecherous profit.

Cecile continues with:

Unfortunately, the opponents of birth control of all types have painted a picture of 11- and 12-year-old girls rushing to the local drugstore to snap up emergency contraception. How crazy is that?

Actually, it is Cecile, and her repulsive feminist ilk, that have more than “painted a picture” of this happening.  They are the ones who are bemoaning girls this young now cannot have access to over the counter contraception.  We, conservatives – the people who respect life and promote abstinence until marriage – rejoice over the ruling that protects young girls from being sucked into Cecile’s hellish vision of America for young girls.  Obviously Cecile is comfortable with ten and eleven year old girls engaging in sex, otherwise she would be just as horrified and deeply alarmed over any law allowing a girl of that age to buy contraception without her parents knowledge or consent.  How “crazy is that”?

“Crazy” Cecile concludes with:

Despite all the political efforts to restrict it, access to emergency contraception has expanded steadily in recent years. But we can’t afford to accept the status quo when women’s health is at stake.

It is Cecile who is so perfectly willing to “risk the health” of young girls, and gladly so, all in the name of feminism and sexual liberation, and probably to steer a little “business” over to Planned Parenthood.  America ought to reject Cecile’s evil version of the “status quo” with regards to instilling sexual irresponsibility in young girls.  We definitely “cannot afford to accept” her disgusting and vile enlightenment, her ongoing effort to corrupt young girls into thinking sex “when they are ready” is the American norm.

Want to be sexually liberated?  Get married first.  Then have all the “liberating” sex you want.

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