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The Unborn Child – Just A “Heartbeat” Away From Planned Parenthood Killing It

Can you still have a heartbeat, if you don’t have a heart?  If a fetus has a heartbeat, is it alive?  If a fetus has a heartbeat, would abortion rights activists concede it is alive?   Would Planned Parenthood?  Would the United States Supreme court?

That is what some Ohio Republican lawmakers are hoping to find out.  They want to introduce a “Fetal Heartbeat” bill that, if passed, would legally protect a fetus from being aborted once a heartbeat is detected.  This can be as early as 25 days after conception.  The ACLU has already said it would challenge the law, almost certainly leading to a very contentious fight all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Consider that even hospital patients are not labeled as “dead” as long as they have a heart murmur, something stirring, some type of rhythmic beat, however erratic or irregular; any “blip” flashing across the monitor, until that “blip” ceases to move.  The bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, – a Republican – has also compared a hospital’s monitoring of its patients heartbeats for a pulse and determined that:

Why, then, should we ignore this critical indicator of life when it comes to the very young?”

Opposition to the bill is already mounting.  State Sen. Shirley Smith – a Democrat – has called the bill:

Another attack on individual rights.”

It is an interesting choice of words, she uses.  If, once a fetus develops a heartbeat, it therefore is alive, and hence a living human being, does that not make the fetus itself an “individual”?  Would not the act of abortion then be an “attack on individual rights”?  And – why is it wrong to “attack” a right that allows women to indiscriminately kill their unborn children, knowing that unborn child is a living, feeling human being and an “individual”?

State Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, said that while she is against abortions, she had concerns about having abortion providers determine whether a heartbeat can be heard.

There is some level of common sense here that lawmakers ought to work out.  After-all, leaving it to abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood, to detect a heartbeat in a fetus, and then relay that information to the woman, seems somewhat futile.  It’s like asking a car salesman to tell you the “truth” about the car he is showing you.  In other words, if abortionists detected a heartbeat, would they have enough of a conscience to tell the woman her fetus is alive and the abortion cannot be carried through?

We already know how deceptive Planned Parenthood is when it comes to disseminating information about abortion to women.  We already know Planned Parenthood supports abortion for any reason, at any time during the pregnancy.  We already know that Planned Parenthood rejects the notion that a fetus is a living, feeling human being.  We already know that Planned Parenthood denies life begins at conception, or at any time during pregnancy.  We already know that Planned Parenthood opposes showing women who are considering abortion sonograms, images of their fetus, before they actually have the abortion performed.  We know that Planned Parenthood supports all types of abortions including partial birth abortions.  We know that Planned Parenthood is For Profit, and makes a “killing” from the killing of unborn children.

Knowing all this about Planned Parenthood, would they so readily give all that up?  Can they really be trusted to “do the right thing” and tell women their fetus has a heartbeat, and is therefore a living, feeling, human being – an individual?

It is always frustrating having to find new ways in which to outwit Planned Parenthood and abortion rights activists.  How much more proof do they need to see that a fetus is indeed alive?  And if they still don’t care about the proof, what is it they are really after?  Is it all about the money?  Is is all about ensuring working women don’t become “stay at home moms”?  Is Planned Parenthood that cold, that unfeeling, that unconscionable, that inhuman?  Is Planned Parenthood everything they contend a fetus is?

When the Supreme Court, back in 1973, decided Roe vs.  Wade, it was on the basis that, at the time, there was no actual proof that life began at conception.  Back then no proof of life could be offered as evidence for why a fetus deserved protection.  We have that proof now.  We’ve had that proof for a long time.  We know that life begins at conception.  We know the heartbeat develops around 25 days after conception.  We know, through sonograms and other means, the fetus is developing from day one.

We also know that no amount of proof will ever convince Planned Parenthood to stop the killing.  They contend a “right to privacy” when it comes to killing an unborn child.  Couldn’t a rapist then contend the same “right to privacy” when they rape a woman behind an alley, or the backseat of their own car?  How about a gang member’s or a mobster’s “right to privacy” when they kill a rival?  Why do we accept and uphold the myth of “right to privacy” when it comes to women killing their unborn children?

What is ultimately going to be the deciding factor is not so much a change in fetal development that produces a heartbeat.  Ohio can pass their “Fetal Heartbeat” bill.  But until there a change in attitude among abortion rights activists, helping them develop a conscience that produces a heart, the unborn will still be in danger of being killed.

If not a fetal heartbeat, what will it take to change the hearts and minds of abortion rights supporters?


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