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Of The NAACP And The Art Of Exploiting Black Americans For Their Own Profit

Exploiting black Americans, it has become an art form.  Jesse Jackson is the Andy Warhol of black American exploitation.  Al Sharpton, the Vincent Van Gogh.  (It also works the other way around.)  But the real masters, the Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt of black American exploitation goes to the NAACP – The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People.  But, other than racism and exploitation, they haven’t advanced much else in decades.  They might as well rename themselves The National Association For The Advancement of Colored Racist American People – NAACRAP.

Their museum?  The gallery where the NAACP and other exploiters of black Americans display their “art”?  It’s on full display in every liberal media news outlet; television, cable, radio, internet, and running shows 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.  “The Race Card” has been playing for years.

Now, with less than a year before the 2012 election, and with more and more black Americans abandoning Barack Obama, and more blacks and others abandoning the increasingly irrelevant NAACP, it has unveiled their newest piece of black American exploitation, a petition to the United Nations to look into voter suppression among blacks and Hispanics.  If one were looking at this as art on a canvass they would be looking at a blank and empty space, because there is nothing, no substance, no depth, no character with which to study.

Even though the United Nations has no jurisdiction, no authority, no right to interfere with American elections, the NAACP will nonetheless make their case.  In other words – it’s a publicity stunt the NAACP is coordinating to draw attention to itself and to, it hopes, increase its membership.  Does anyone really believe Americans would sit back idly, apathetically, and allow the UN to come in and take over our American election process?

As more and more states rightfully crack down on voter and identity fraud, passing stronger voter registration laws which include mandating a photo ID to ensure when a voter entering a polling center are who they say they are, they have a legal right to vote, and are eligible to vote at that particular polling center, the NAACP sees this more as an orchestrated effort to intentionally suppress the black and Hispanic vote.  Presumably it is all about the cost of purchasing a photo ID, and too many blacks and Hispanics are much too poor to buy one, thus “disenfranchising” them from the voting process.

But – where do poor whites get the money to purchase a photo ID?  Nobody is complaining about poor whites being disenfranchised.  No one is calling attention to the racism and discrimination against poor whites.  Alas, nobody, not even the NAACP, cares enough about poor whites to include them in their petition to the UN.  What about poor Asian Americans?

Voting is not a universal right.  There are stringent, rigid rules that must be observed.  One must be at least 18 at the time of the election and an American citizen.  One cannot be an illegal alien, a conviction felon, dead, or otherwise nonhuman.  And one cannot vote multiple times.  Elections are important and serious business.  It’s not American Idol!  Nowhere does it say if you are black or Hispanic, or poor, you cannot vote.

Barack Obama is in very big trouble.  His approval rating has dipped lower that Jimmy Carter’s.  A portion of this disapproval comes from liberal black Americans who feel betrayed by him, feeling Obama hasn’t delivered on his promises to lift them out of their poverty, provide them with more jobs, housing, more government assistance, more from his “stash”, etc.

The NAACP is worried black Americans will either stay away from the polls in 2012, or worse, vote against Obama.  They need something, a bandwagon black Americans can jump on, a controversial issue to latch onto, to distract from Obama’s poor approval rating, his abysmal Presidency, his dismal leadership.  In other words, The NAACP needs Obama to be reelected at any cost.  The “race card” is wearing thin and they know it.

Voter suppression is always a hot button issue.  States, as they always do during election cycles, gear up and prepare for the possibility of voter fraud.  The NAACP is getting an early jump with its “petition” to the UN.  Since there is nothing legally the UN can do to stop states from strengthening their own voter registration laws, what other purpose can the NAACP have in crying to the UN?

Every election cycle we hear how black Americans, especially, are being suppressed, are being denied their right to vote, despite the fact that black Americans came out in the largest majority ever, over 90%, in the 2008 election that saw our first black President elected.  The NAACP is perpetuating this lie of black voter suppression to increase its dwindling membership, to increase its membership dues and to intimidate more black Americans, who otherwise would vote Republican, or not at all, into voting for Obama.

Because if Obama loses, the NAACP loses.  It loses members, funding and Presidential support and cover for its ongoing, systematic, illegitimate war on a racism that no longer exists in America but in the literature, and in the mouths, of the NAACP itself.

Isn’t that more reason to vote Republican this November 2012?

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