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Racist New York Times Mocks Black Americans; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Look The Other Way

Can we expect mocking and degrading black Americans to become a staple at the New York Times?  Or was this just a one time incident?  And who at the New York Times should be held responsible for such blatant racism, such total disregard and hatred for black Americans?  Will anyone demand to know why The New York Times hates black Americans?  Will anyone demand to know why the New York Times accepts the debasing of black Americans to satisfy their own agenda?  If Fox News had written this editorial, Al “Uncle Tom” Sharpton would be calling them racist.  Jesse “Uncle Tom” Jackson would be filing a lawsuit.

And yet, for the New York Times to have used government layoffs, a very slight downsizing in the over all employment in the government work force, as justification for writing an editorial blasting racism as the reason for the loss of jobs, deflecting the cause for these eliminations onto conservatives and Republicans (who by in large support smaller government) itself evokes racism – and The New York Times knows it!

Black Americans are being used as puppets by The New York Times and most probably don’t even know it.  Black Americans are being intentionally taken advantage of and used by The New York Times in their slimy, yellow journalistic endeavor to help the Democrat Party.  In other words – The New York Times looks upon black Americans as being ignorant, uneducated, illiterate fools that are too stupid to see it, The New York Times, is mocking them, pointing their fingers and laughing at them.

Most black Americans will undoubtedly remain silent.  The Democrat Party, which is in league with The New York Times, has trained them to fall in line and march to their orders.  And those black Americans with a mind of their own – conservative blacks – are too few in number to make a difference right now; and every time they try to speak up they are shot down by the millions of black American pawns in the pocket of the Democrat Party, as well as the millions of white liberals who find comfort in justifying their own “latent racism” by condemning and excoriating black conservatives who would dare to have the courage to reject the “me, me, me” mentality liberals have, for generations, ingrained in America’s “minorities”.

Writes The New York Times:

The cutbacks hurt more than just services, they hit black workers particularly hard.  Millions of African-Americans — one in five who are employed — have entered the middle class through government employment, and they tend to make 25 percent more than other black workers. Now tens of thousands are leaving both their jobs and the middle class. Chicago, for example, is laying off 212 employees in the upcoming fiscal year, two-thirds of whom are black.

Did you catch the racism?

The New York Times is insisting, through subtext, that black Americans can only make a living, can only get ahead in life, in America, by being employed by the federal government; by being taken care of by the federal government; by being dependent on the federal government for everything in their lives, including jobs.  That is the blatant racism of The New York Times which will be overlooked by most black Americans.

What is missing, what is untold, is the story of how the federal government, its economic policies, structure of taxation and regulatory demands have confiscated an enormous amount of wealth from the private sector.  What The New York Times will not report is that should the federal government reverse its draconian anti-business, anti-capitalist policies (and this will happen more under Republican control than Democrat) millions, and millions, of high paying, highly competitive jobs will be created.  Enough jobs for all Americans (who want jobs), including for black Americans.

What the racist New York Times will not inform black Americans of is that unemployment within the black community can be decimated, permanently wiped out, should our federal government take a more pro business approach to solving the economic woes we all are currently feeling the effects of, instead of writing racist fodder for the Democrat Party.

Want more blatant racist, and Democrat butt-licking from The New York Times?

Many Republicans, however, don’t regard government jobs as actual jobs, and are eager to see them disappear. Republican governors around the Midwest have aggressively tried to break the power of public unions while slashing their work forces, and Congressional Republicans have proposed paying for a payroll tax cut by reducing federal employment rolls by 10 percent through attrition. That’s 200,000 jobs, many of which would be filled by blacks and Hispanics and others who tend to vote Democratic, and thus are considered politically superfluous.

We are “eager to see them disappear” not because we are salivating at the prospect of seeing even more black Americans thrown into unemployment, but because government is too vast, too encompassing, too controlling; because the more government jobs there are, the more of our money is being taken away to support their salaries.

“Actual jobs’ are ones in which are created by the private sector because there is a need and a demand for them, and because these jobs satisfy and fill that demand.  There is a worth, a value, in having those private sector jobs, and business owners are willing to pay wages and salaries accordingly to ensure these positions are filled.  In other words – this is money being paid to employees, through private funds, which is not lost but invested wisely.  What “demand” do government jobs satisfy say in the Education, Transportation, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Labor and Energy?  Other than to enlarge government, and provide Democrats and Liberals reasons for raising taxes and keeping taxes perpetually, unfairly high, these federal departments have no value, no substance, no purpose.

Black Americans are not unequally, dis-proportionality unemployed because of conservatives and Republicans.  Rather, the high unemployment rate among black Americans is a result of a master plan engineered by liberals and the Democrat Party to keep them in poverty, unemployed and dependent on government.  The effect of this is to keep black Americans united within the Democrat Party itself – a powerful voting block to ensure Democrats remain in power.

What can be more racist than that?

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