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Elton John’s Arrogance Towards AIDS Is Helping To Ensure Millions More People Will Die

Elton John (we know who he is, right?) and other Hollywood liberal hypocrites on this, “World AIDS Day”, are using their notoriety and fame to “teach” and “educate” us common folk about AIDS and how, although we’ve come a long way, not enough is being done to end it.  Don’t we hear this kind of garbage every year from these people?

Elton offers some advice, three “tips” on how to approach beating AIDS and ending it once and for all.  He says:

First, we must help our young people to combat the many negative messages our society still flings at gay people. We have to teach gay men to love and accept themselves, to value and protect their health and the health of others, and to join the campaign for our equal rights as human beings.

Is Elton saying that AIDS is a gay thing?  Didn’t we abandon that line of thinking years ago?  Combating negative messages about gay people that still exist in our society is not going to put even a small dent in the fight against AIDS.  Many gays and non-gays “accept themselves” but still refuse to abstain from unsafe, unprotected sex and drug use.  And while AIDS was not “invented” to wipe out gays throughout the world, even gay men and women have unsafe, unprotected sex.  Look back at the 1970′s and early 1980′s.  Nobody back then, gays included, was using protection when they engaged in sex. So of course when AIDS was introduced to the gay community back then, it was able to spread as quickly as it did, leading to the false presumption that AIDS was nothing more than a “gay disease”.

If we want to put a real dent in the spread of AIDS, we need to combat the negative messages of Elton John and other liberals who refuse to call on people to take direct action and responsibility for how they behave.  Elton John, thus far hasn’t the courage to do that.

Elton’s “tip” number two:

Second, we must take responsibility for our own health and well-being. We must get tested and retested. Too many of us do not know our HIV status, and that MUST change.

Although wise advice, there is something alarming to be said about his call for people to “be tested and retested”.  And something dreadfully and extremely dangerous that “too many of us do not know our HIV status”.  The only people that really need to be “tested and retested”, and the only people that would not “know their HIV status” are people who engage in unsafe, unprotected sex and drugs.  Where is Elton John’s call to abstain from such practices?

Elton’s third “tip” is the same clap-trap and spiel we have come to expect from his arrogant kind.

Third, we must not let our federal and state governments balance their budgets by cutting crucial funding for HIV prevention, treatment, and research. Reducing or eliminating HIV programming today will cost us much MORE money down the road.

No, we “can’t let our federal and state governments” do that, can we?  But we can let people continue to engage in acts that will lead to a greater, more realistic, possibility of becoming infected with HIV, says Elton John.  We can allow people to continue engaging in unsafe, unprotected sex, says Elton John.  We can allow people to continue using drugs, says Elton John.  And damn the conservatives, says Elton John; and damn the government, says Elton John, if they should make a bid to reduce or eliminate funding for his, and for the irresponsibility and depravity of others who desire to engage in such behavior.

Nowhere does Elton John say that anyone ought to take responsibility for their own behavior.  Instead he says reducing HIV programming will cost “MORE” money.  This is absolute BS and to be expected from a liberal and someone as arrogant as Elton John.

Says Elton:

Earlier this year, the National Institutes of Health released a groundbreaking study demonstrating conclusively that people living with HIV who receive effective antiretroviral treatments are 96 percent LESS likely to pass the disease to their sexual partners. In other words, HIV treatment IS prevention. Therefore, we should be INCREASING funding for HIV treatment programs, not implementing cuts, as many states are doing today.

That is all well and good.  However, why make taxpayers pay for the irresponsibility of others?  If people want to engage in such behavior, of their own free will, they have that right.  But we should not be the ones paying for their mistakes.  If Elton John is so concerned about getting medication to people who have HIV-AIDS because they engaged in unsafe, unprotected sex and/or drugs, let him, and others in his disturbed social ilk, provide the money.

His “in other words, HIV treatment IS prevention” is a lie.  Abstinence from unsafe, unprotected sex “IS the prevention”.  Abstinence from drugs “IS the prevention”.  And it doesn’t cost anybody anything.

In a time when states are struggling to balance their budgets, it is imperative governments look to reducing and eliminating unnecessary programs rather than raise taxes on their citizens.  Providing taxpayer funding for HIV treatment and prevention programs is a complete waste of money, especially if these programs are devoid of any real messages that instill a more responsible approach to lifestyle choices, such as not engaging in unsafe, unprotected sex and drugs.

Elton continues with:

We have all of the tools we need to stop this epidemic in its tracks.

And he finishes with:

But more than anything, we must educate and mobilize young people to join the fight not only AGAINST the AIDS epidemic, but also FOR health and acceptance and love. On this World AIDS Day, let us spread messages of tolerance and compassion that are so critical to ending AIDS.

“Tolerance” and “compassion” is not the cure to AIDS, nor will it stop the spread of AIDS.  We have “all the tools we need” right now to stop the spread of AIDS, but Elton John, and other selfish and arrogant liberals, remain seated on the “tool box”, holding onto the “key” for dear life preventing the informational “tools” within from being released to those people who are in the greatest need of being educated.

How is encouraging, promoting and continuing to accept irresponsible behavior, unprotected, unsafe sex, and drug use going to stop the spread of AIDS?  How is listening to anything an arrogant liberal like Elton John has to say about AIDS going to make anyone think about not engaging in such irresponsible behavior?  Elton John is not insisting people stop being so irresponsible.  What is his reason for that?

Elton John insults us all with his irrational plea for more AIDS funding.  We could spend a trillion dollars on “HIV-AIDS prevention programs, treatment, medication and drugs.  But if we refuse to educate people about the real dangers of unsafe, unprotected sex and drug use, AIDS will continue to spread without anything to stop it.

If we really want to “mobilize young people”, to help stop the spread of AIDS, we first need to get them to abandon the arrogant liberal ideology of Elton John and others.  Elton John’s extremely dangerous point of view is the reason why AIDS is still spreading as rapidly as it is.  By rejecting, and continuing to reject, common sense and refusing to grow up and take responsibility for our own actions and behavior – as Elton John refuses to do – AIDS will be with us for generations to come.

If we really want to “mobilize young people” we need to greatly expand abstinence only programs in all our public schools throughout America, and instill in our young a deeper respect for one another, and the importance of remaining abstinent until married and why that is an important value.

Because more people are able to live longer, healthier lives with AIDS, the perception is that AIDS is not a big deal any longer.  And because of the exceeding arrogance of Elton John, and other liberals, who refuse to make more demands on people to take responsibility for their own actions many millions more people will become infected with HIV, which ultimately will develop into AIDS.  Is that a good thing?

Irresponsibility, selfishness, arrogant behavior – do we really want to continue paying for that?  If we continue to allow Elton John to get away with his lies and misinformation about AIDS, if we continue to deny the spread of AIDS is caused most directly through unprotected, unsafe sex and drug use – we will be paying for it for generations to come.

Is that the legacy we want to leave to our children?

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