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Of Slurs And The Hypocrisy Of The National Organization Of Women

What do you get when you call a conservative woman a “lyin’ ass bitch”?

Long after the fact has occurred, days after the laughter and applause of that singular moment has subsided and the thunderous round of cheers and hand clapping has calmed down to a lull and a whisper; when even after the sharp aching of sides and swelling of bruises around the guts have quieted; when after the intentional slur has since been weighed, examined and roundly criticized and condemned by those of us with a higher moral standard; when the incident has become, in this, our information age, old news – we get, at long, long last, the liberal feminist response.  A “peep”, as it were.

So it came to pass that NOW President, Terry O’Neill, has put out a less than urgent statement condemning the recent choice of songs “The Jimmy Fallon Show” used to introduce Michele Bachmann.  Bravo, Terry.  But – where were you when it actually happened?  Conducting abortion terrorism in New York City?  You would have been better to have “never” rather “than late” responded to what was clearly a planned and staged opportunity to use “The Jimmy Fallon Show” not merely as a platform for comedy, but to entrap a conservative woman, Michele Bachmann, and do to her what they did to Carry White at the prom.  (Remember that bucket of pig’s blood?)

And, as if this has been the first time in all of recorded human history a conservative woman was slandered, Terry writes she is “heartened to see that conservatives are learning how hostility toward women in public life functions and how it feels to be on the receiving end.”

If anyone is rightly characterized as a “lyin’ ass bitch”, it is Terry O’Neill, any liberal feminist who considers “hostility toward women” more damaging to women that undergoing an unnecessary abortion.

Should you really want to know how “hostility toward women in public life functions” try watching The View, or the “Rachel Maddow Show”, or any program with a liberal woman host.  Listen to Randi Phodes or Janeane Garofalo speak ill of women who are conservative.  The more liberal a woman is, the more “hostility” she will be “toward [conservative] women”.  That is how liberal women “function in public life”.  That is how conservative women have always “felt on the receiving end” – because conservative women have always been “on the receiving end” of slurs, slander and derogatory remarks made by the American left, both men and women.

Terry, “can’t help but wonder why their outrage is limited to those they condemn as liberals for taking shots at the Bachmanns and the Palins of the world.”  Much as liberals feel comfortable belittling and degrading blacks who are conservative, so liberals also feel right at home degrading women of any color who are conservative.  Conservatives, including men, with a few exceptions, can, and have, passionately and fully embraced conservative women without feeling emasculated by their presence.  Liberals, including women, look upon conservative women with as much hate in their eyes as liberal blacks look upon Herman Cain.  Where do conservatives ever speak so derogatory of  women?  And when they do, such as the infamous Don Imus “nappy headed hoes” remark, what happens?

Terry complains about “Rush Limbaugh and his ilk using sexist, racist, classist, homophobic remarks against anyone who doesn’t march to his extremist drumbeat”.  And yet, this is how Terry O’Neill, President of NOW looks upon pro-live activists who don’t “march to her extremist drumbeat”.   One could call Terry a “racist” if she opposed the nomination of Clarance Thomas to the Supreme Court, which is hard to imagine she didn’t.  Or for her “racist” and even “sexist” opposition to Herman Cain, which she does oppose.  Much like Terry probably found Clarance Thomas guilty before the lack of evidence against him in the Anita Hill incident was dismissed, she certainly finds Herman Cain guilty of sexual harassment before any real evidence is produced against him.  Terry, as a liberal woman, is just as deeply threatened by conservative women as liberal blacks are deeply threatened by conservative blacks.

With something in her eyes, perhaps tears, (but unlikely) Terry looks to this moment as a breakthrough with a childlike hopefulness, baiting her breath, and conservatives, when she says, “Now, will the right wing start policing its own?”  If these types of slurs were ever to become an arrestable offense (because they are not a fire-able one when liberals do it to conservatives) it will be interesting to see, how rapidly, how many positions open up at MSNBC and CNN, and on The View, and other such programs and stations that regularly demean, degrade and insult conservative women.

Liberals, including women, and Terry O’Neill, will continue to debase conservative women.  After-all, if liberal women, like Terry O’Neill, President of NOW, are at ease killing unborn girls in the womb, how much actual distress does it cause them to hurl an insult here and there at the “Michele Bachmanns and Sarah Palins of the world”?

Terry O’Neill states, “I’m not holding my breath.”  Well, neither should you, or any of  us, hold our breath. That is like saying – will NOW stop supporting the killing of unborn children? 

Are you going to “hold your breath” over that one?

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