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Of Michelle Goldberg Part 2: Her Messy “Pooh-Poohing” Will Take Many “Swipes” To Clean Up

Michelle Goldberg, writing for The Daily Beast, is doing a lot of pooh-poohing of late.  Only earlier this week Goldberg was pooh-poohing the Mississippi Personhood Amendment.  Now, Michelle is pooh-poohing satire, among other things, and a joke, a slight reference Herman Cain made about Anita Hill.  Remember Anita Hill?  Remember the joke she made about Clarence Thomas and the coke can?  Wasn’t that funny back in 1991?  People are still laughing and making jokes about that incident.  Michelle Goldberg is straining like the Dickens to find the right political laxative to use, such as the alleged sexual harassment charges levied against Herman Cain, that will flush him out of the Presidential race.

Michelle pooh-poohs:

Accused of sexual harassment, Herman Cain first played the victim card, then attacked and shamed his alleged victims. Now he’s cracking jokes about Clarence Thomas accuser Anita Hill—and his support keeps growing.

Well, Cain can’t play the “race card”, he’s a conservative black.  And having been “accused” by women of sexual impropriety, occurring way back in the 1990′s, only now, for whatever unexplained reason, do these women come forward.  What is their real motivation for stepping forward now, rather than even two years ago, before anyone else in America had heard of Herman Cain?

Her pooh-poohing goes on:

Politicians accused of sexual impropriety may use all manner of sleazy tactics to undermine their alleged victims, but they don’t usually do so openly or proudly.

Just what “sleazy tactic” did Cain use to “undermine” his “alleged victims”?  Denying the allegation, maybe?

Apparently Michelle, like the rest of us, has already forgotten about Ted Kennedy.  Carrie Fisher hasn’t forgotten about Ted, or his sexual impropriety.   Michelle, like the liberal she is, sees nothing “shameful” when liberal Democrats like Ted Kennedy engage in “sexual impropriety”.  Perhaps it was his support for abortion on demand that was his most charming and alluring aspect; that, to other liberal women like Michelle Goldberg, drove them mad with wild and passionate desires and left them quivering.  Perhaps Ted would whisper in a woman’s ear, “Yeah, sure, I support third trimester abortion.  Now, you support me.  Yeah, Government should keep its hands off a woman’s body, but…”  And you may fill in the dots.

Michelle, still pooh-poohing, writes:

Such attacks are usually leaked to the press or made by surrogates, which made the Cain campaign’s frontal assault extremely unusual. It was meant to send a message: women who come forward can expect to be thoroughly trashed.

Except for two women, Bielek and Kraushaar, the other “women that came forward” did so in a rather Deep Throat-ish sort of manner.  In other words, hiding in the dark, behind the shadows of lawyers – anonymously.  Of course anyone, man or woman, who makes such baseless allegations and doesn’t have the guts to come forward, confront the media head on, is going to be ridiculed.  Especially considering that all of these “alleged” incidents of “sexual impropriety” occurred back in the 1990′s.  Ladies and gentlemen – is it asking too much to demand, “Why now?”

Not yet finished pooh-poohing, Michelle says:

In a normal primary, other candidates might stick up for these women and demand answers. But Cain has so perfectly channeled the conservative base’s sense of victimization that his rivals can’t hit him where he’s potentially vulnerable.

We all “demand answers”.  Namely, why has only one of Cain’s accusers come forward?  (Kraushaar’s name was accidentally leaked.)  Why, again, are they coming forward now?  What exactly are the “sexual improprieties” that are being alleged?  If Cain loses the Republican nomination, will these allegations go away?  If he wins the Republican nomination, how many more women will it take coming out of the woodwork to leach off of Cain’s notoriety and crush his chances against “The One” Barack Obama?

Of “victimization” – who, in the Democrat base has yet to stick up for Herman Cain when he is called an Uncle Tom, a sellout, a traitor, not a real black man?  Liberals do nothing but play the “victimization” and “race card” when it comes to conservatives opposing them.  Have we forgotten the drivel about how conservatives who oppose anything Obama supports must be racists?  Have we forgotten the fact that it was white people and “white guilt” that propelled Obama into the White House?

Michelle concludes her pooh-poohing:

There is, of course, a farcical element to this story. But there’s also something very serious and ugly going on, an escalation of acceptable tactics that can be used against women who make accusations against powerful men.

We get it, Michelle hates “powerful men”.  Especially if they are conservatives.

Michelle, pushing out one last pooh-pooh writes:

That precedent will remain, even after the absurdity of the Cain campaign is over.

Well, it certainly didn’t go away after the “absurdity” that was Bill Clinton was over, did it?  It never went away during the time of Ted Kennedy, did it?  One might even say, about “precedent”, that Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy (both very liberal Democrats) were the ones that made “sexual impropriety” into “acceptable tactics”.  But Bill Clinton, as President, and Ted Kennedy, as Senator, and both “powerful men” in their own right, are liberals.  (Was a liberal, in Kennedy’s case.)

There is indeed something “very serious and ugly going on” here.  Liberals never miss a chance to “channel the liberal base’s sense of victimization” when it comes to Obama, and other black liberals.  Remember – Obama, a black liberal, sat in the church of a racist pastor, Jeremiah Wright, for twenty years and nobody cared.  Obama socializes with anti-American terrorists like Bill Ayers and nobody cared.  Obama brings in people to his Administration, like Anita Dunn, whose hero is Mao Tse-Tung and nobody cared.

Herman Cain, a black conservative, has allegations of “sexual impropriety” levied against him from way, way back in the 1990′s, and everyone in the liberal establishment, Democrats, the media, Michelle Goldberg, have already declared Herman Cain guilty despite the fact there is not a single shred of evidence to date of Cain’s guilt, or that he did anything wrong to begin with.

One thing is for certain – Michelle must have been very satisfied with all her pooh-poohing, as she still has yet to wipe the smile off her face.  Proving Cain’s innocence will do that, if indeed there is no actual proof of sexually harassment, other than the hearsay from his shadowy and mysterious accusers.

And if these women’s stories don’t hold, as they are having a hard time doing now, who will the Democrats and Politico find to be their next “Deep Throat”?  And will Michelle Goldberg have another pooh-pooh over that?

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