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If Only Herman Cain Was A White, Southern, Liberal Dem.; If Only Cain Was Bill Clinton…

Or a rich and influential white North Easterner with the last name of Kennedy.  (And the first name of Ted.)

So what if Herman Cain made a comment or two about a woman’s appearance or attractiveness?  So what if Herman Cain smiled at a white woman?  Or flirted with a white woman?  Why is the white, liberal media is trying to pull an Emmett Till on Herman Cain?

No one in the Democrat Party ever condemned Bill Clinton for all his womanizing, for his roving eye, or for what he did with Monica Lewinsky in the White House.  The Liberal media back then was more outraged over the “indignation” of the impeachment process than anything else.  Even his own wife, Hillary Clinton, although purportedly slapped him at least once when he confessed to her his sins with Lewinsky, forgave him, using the incident for her own political goals.

What have any of these women accused Cain of except “sexual impropriety”?  What the hell is that?  It can’t be rape.  It can’t be anything all that serious, otherwise they would have had him arrested back then.  He’d be in jail now – not running for President of the United States, and certainly not a heavy contender for the Republican nomination – the idea of which scares the absolute hell out of the Democrat Party.

The only woman, to date, to publicly come forward is Sharon Bielek, who has retained the counsel of Gloria Allred.

Said Bielek:

I was not paid to come forward, nor was I promised any employment. Nothing at all.  I’m just doing this because it’s the right thing to do.”

If it is the “right thing to do”, why didn’t she do it back in 1997 when she claimed the “sexual impropriety” occurred?  Why come forward now?  Cain is not the President of anything anymore.  Is it perhaps because Cain has a real chance of becoming President not of a restaurant association, but of the United States?  Is it perhaps because Cain has the real potential of beating Obama?

Bielek, apparently, did not seem all that uncomfortable with Cain, or hugging Cain a month ago at a Tea Party rally.

This whole thing against Cain smacks of a liberal conspiracy to smear Cain and force him to either withdraw himself from consideration for the Republican nomination or for enough people to buy into the allegations against him to essentially keep him from gaining any further traction than he already has.

To put it another way, never mind Cain being a white liberal.  What if Cain, who is black, was not a conservative?  What if he was both black and liberal?  Another Obama?  A black Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy?  Would the liberal media, liberal Hollywood and the Democrat Party be demonizing him as they now are?  If Cain was a black liberal, would any woman come forward claiming Cain acted with “sexual impropriety” towards them so many years ago?  Would any woman claim “sexual impropriety” against a black liberal?  And if they did come forward, would the liberal media care?

Bialek, it has come to light, has a history of filing civil lawsuits.

How many times can she “cry wolf” before the people begin to yawn and turn away their ears?  Women want equality, especially in the workplace, which they claim they don’t have.  Women want power, the same power they claim men have.  Women want to be treated and taken seriously.

How does Sharon Bialek further their cause in these areas?

Liberal women, feminists, black women in particular, ought to be excoriating Bialek for what she is doing to Cain, a black man.  But they aren’t.  They won’t.  They never did when it was Clarance Thomas.  Cain has a worse mark on him than his other named counterpart.  The same mark as Clarence Thomas.  The mark of conservative.

Cain rejects the victim hood status millions of liberal blacks have been led to believe they are entitled to own.  Cain also rejects the entitlement status, the affirmative action and reparations these same liberal blacks have been led to believe they ought to be privy to.  Cain, to millions of blacks, is a sell out and traitor, an Uncle Tom.

That is the real reason for these women coming forward with their claims which are either baseless, or so out of date that the statute of limitation for filing a lawsuit against him has run out.  Are these women so stupid as to not realize that?  Probably.

Cain/black + conservative = a very dangerous combination for liberals.  Clarance Thomas was a dangerous threat as a black conservative nominated for justice of the United States Supreme Court.  He overcame the baseless Anita Hill allegations and was confirmed to the court.  Liberals were right to be terrified of Thomas.  He has been a key figure, along with other conservative justices, in blocking and overturning the liberal agenda for twenty years.

Should Cain overcome the allegations against him; should he win the Republican nomination for President; should he face Obama in the 2012 election – and should he win the Presidency, Cain will indeed be the most powerful black man in both the United States and in the world.  Cain will have and hold the same power as Barack Obama.  But Cain is no Barack Obama.  Cain is a black conservative.

Liberals know the vast power Clarance Thomas holds as but one justice of the United States Supreme court.  They also know the power the President of the United States holds.  Should that power be held by a conservative – a black conservative – the consequences of decades worth of liberal lies about black victim hood and entitlements will come crashing down on them.  The entire liberal agenda will unravel.  Liberalism itself will be shown to be the fraud it is.

Knowing who liberals are, and what they are capable of, and of doing, doesn’t it go without saying liberals will go to any lengths, any depths, whatsoever to retain their power?  Is it saying too much that liberals are willing to smear a black conservative man or woman, to throw a “minority” under the bus to keep their power?

They were perfectly willing to do it to Clarance Thomas.  Why would they stop at him?

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