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On Putting Mexico Back In Its Place – Underneath America

Mexico is like that unwanted wart, scab or pimple (any type of blemish) that appears somewhere on our body, that the more we “pick” at it the more of a nuisance, and the more problematic, it becomes for us.  But the more we try to ignore it, the more the irritation grows.  In other words, we’re damned if we do anything, we’re damned if we don’t.  And with Mexico, like the irritating scab that pops up on our being from time to time, sometimes we just give in to the “itch” and scratch it.  The problem with “giving in to the itch” of course is that it only makes the problem – the pimple, scab, whatever – worse that it was before we scratched it.

Mexico is a third world nation.  It has no one to blame for its lowly status but itself.  And despite the fact that America has done more for Mexico, given more aid, support and money, than any other nation in the world, still – Mexicans love to hate America.  Its politicians in particular, as one would gather listening to them speak about (vilify) America, especially those Mexican politicians vying to be its next President.

America’s newest scab (boil it you prefer) is former Mexico City Mayor, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is speaking his hate of America all across, of all places, American cities. (A tradition, it seems, with Mexican politicians running for President of Mexico.)

Said Obrador:

It is more effective and humane to implement cooperation in order to reach development, rather than insisting on giving priority to police and military cooperation.”

What could he possibly mean by “cooperation” other than more financial aid – money?  He wants America to stop defending its border with Mexico, where all Mexicans trying to illegally gain access to America go, because America is preventing them from attaining their goal of illegal entry.  Obrador wants America to open up our border and simply ignore the rush of Mexicans crossing over to the American side.  And once they are inside America, Obrador wants us to accept them as American citizens.  (Another tradition of Mexican Presidents)

Obrador continued:

It is not with military assistance or intelligence work, helicopters or weapons shipments that we will remedy the insecurity and violence problem in our country.”

Really?  At a time when Mexican drug cartels are more violent than ever, and that violence is spilling across into America, Obrador wants America to cease and desist from defending us, our border, to come to the aid of Mexico, not with “military assistance” or “helicopters” but with a huge chunk of our money confiscated in taxes; money we earned working our butts off, to make a life for ourselves and our families.

And what exactly would Obrador do with this money if, and once, he possesses it?

Said Obrador:

To incorporate young people back into Mexican society by giving them jobs and schools to continue their studies.”

In other words, Obrador would do with our money exactly what Obama wants to do with it – create a few hundred thousand public sector jobs that grow the size of government, forces more and more people to become fully dependent upon government to live their lives, but doesn’t do anything for the economy itself.  That type of socialistic approach doesn’t work in America, it doesn’t work anywhere in the world – it never has – nor would it work in Mexico.  It’s a waste of money any way you look at it.

If Mexico really wants America to pour billions and billions of dollars into its coffers; if Mexico really wants to put an end to its poverty, to put its “remaining” citizens back to work and become a nation where people are eager to flee to, and become a proud citizen of, instead of risking life and limb to escape from, it – Mexico – ought to open up its own borders and its land to American entrepreneurship, business and investment.

There is a golden opportunity for our two nations to join in partnership for the economic benefit of one another.  Mexicans needs jobs too, just as Americans do.  If Mexico really wants to see billions, tens and hundreds of billions, of American dollars pumped into its country, its economy, that can happen by bringing American business, investment and entrepreneurs into Mexico, opening up its land at low cost, in exchange for paying Mexicans a very fair wage – the equivalent of 9 or 10 U.S. dollars.

Mexico’s woes will not be solved by America giving it a chunk of “financial aid”, the vast bulk of which will ultimately find its way into the pockets of the corrupt, politician and drug lord alike.  Mexico’s woes will not be solved by America laying down its guard at the border, opening itself up to whatever wants to cross its path.  Mexico’s woes will not be solved by acquiescing to left leaning, socialist politicians like Obrador who demand American dollars, our money, at the same time he continues to slander us.

So long as Mexico continues down this path, it will remain a third world country of its own free will, and an irritating scab under the skin of America.  Fortunately, just as there are ointments for scabs, warts, pimples and the like, America has its own ointment to deal with the irritation that is Mexico.  We have our border fence, border security and patriotic Americans and American politicians, who are no longer doing nothing to curb the stem of illegal immigration into our country.

Mexico either can engage in a real partnership with America and become a nation on par with America, or it can see more of its citizens being returned, via Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), to the poverty, the nothingness, they originally fled from, looking for a better opportunity than their own third world nation could provide.

Until then, Mexico’s place will rightly remain where it is – “underneath” America.

What say you, Mexico?

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