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Qaddafi Killed! Now What To Do About “El Diablo” Hugo Chavez?

As news quickly spreads around the world that another brutal dictator, Qaddafi, has met his fate, the condolences keep coming in – from other brutal dictators awaiting, and fearing, their own fate.  After-all “dictators of a feather…”

That Hugo Chavez has cancer may be a blessing to the President/Dictator of Venezuela.  That his cancer might be terminal favors him all the more.  For people who are bent, with good reason, on removing their ruthless, vindictive, tyrannical crackpot dictators from power still have a heart within them, and can still “pity the fool”, in particular if they have a cancer, and especially if it is terminal, as it just may be in the case of a real “Diablo”, that is Hugo Chavez.  (Of course at any time the people of Venezuela could prove that statement wrong.)

He is as feisty and defiant as ever after his return home trip from Cuba, where he received the very best in health care that Cuba could administer to him.  (Which is probably why rumor has it his cancer is terminal)  He wasted no time, but much breath, on decrying the killing of his very good friend Muammar Qaddafi.

Said “El Diablo” Chavez:

They assassinated him. It is another outrage.”

One can sense the undertones of real fear and terror for his own safety and his own life.  This is common among their degenerate sort.  Qaddafi claimed he would die a martyr, and yet, by all accounts ascertained and documented with regards to the last moments of his life, Qaddafi died a coward, pleading  “Don’t shoot!”  Is that how a martyr dies?  If we could only ask the untold thousands of real Christian martyrs who died in the Roman Colosseum and arenas for the sport of Roman nobility.  They died as true martyrs.

“El Diablo”Chavez continued:

We shall remember Qaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr.”

It must be concluded the cancer has greatly affected and deteriorated what little brain matter Chavez had to begin with if he honesty believes Qaddafi was a “great fighter” a “revolutionary” and especially a “martyr”.  Qaddafi, as is indicative with most dictators, had others do his fighting, and slaughtering, for him throughout his 42 year reign.  And so far as “revolutionary” goes, only a demented, devil worshiping, psychopath like “El Diablo” Chavez (yes – Chavez, as with all dictators, is in love with, and worships, himself!) would call the oppression and suppression of an entire people “revolutionary.  And if you look to Venezuela, that is exactly what is going on there under the watchful dictatorship of “El Diablo” Chavez.

“El Diablo” further commented:

The saddest thing is that in its quest to dominate the world, the empire and its allies are setting it on fire,” referring to the United States by his preferred nickname.”

Sounds more like Islam than America.  Sounds more like communism than America.  Sounds more like socialism than America.  Sounds more like “El Diablo” Chavez’s brand of socialism than America’s.  And it not only “sounds” like it.  It bloody well is the epitome of it.  At a time when America has literally freed hundreds of millions of human beings from the hands of dictators around the globe, it still remains the prerogative, the overall agenda of those last holdouts, those few vestiges, those scattered hotspots around the world where anti-democracy yet exists, which seek to retain their power and control over their own people, and spread that influence throughout the world in order to “dominate”.  It is Islam, communism, socialism and “Chavezism” that is, that has, set the world on fire.  America is what is putting out all those fires.  Indeed, that must be “sad” to a relentlessly pathetic dictator as “El Diablo” Chavez.

If the 19th century was a time of great imperialism and conquest of new lands; if, because of 19th century imperialism, the 20th century was a time of great upheaval that swept into power one dictatorial regime after another – then the 21st century must be a time of greatness as well.  And indeed, the 21st century will be a time where most, if not all, of these self righteous, sanctimonious dictators are uprooted, overthrown and permanently removed from power and replaced with benevolent, western-type democracies.  America is still leading the way, and in that regard will “dominate” the world.  “Dominate” as in influence other cultures, societies and peoples to rise up and “let freedom ring”.  But America will neither “dominate’ in the imperialistic sense, nor in the way in which dictatorial regimes desire to reign.

Is it a surprise to anyone why “El Diablo” Chavez and other demoniacal, demonic dictators despise America?  It is because we stand in the way of their own imperialism and expansionism; they want to “dominate” the world, we are standing in their way; they are setting the fires around the world, we are putting out those fires.  And our interference in their mangled, sociopath(etic) agendas is costing them dearly – often times it costs them their own worthless lives.

“El Diablo” Chavez expects Qaddafi to be “remembered”.  Indeed, he will be, but not as a martyr.  Qaddafi will be remembered as the rabid, bloodthirsty animal he was; the craven coward, small and insignificant as he was, who plead for his life.  And when Chavez – “El Diablo” – dies, he too will be remembered for the rabid, bloodthirsty animal he was.  He will also be remembered for his support, his loyalty, his close ties and friendship with Qaddafi and other murderous, tyrannical, psychopath(etic) dictators  – which is a worse fate than being remembered at all.


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