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Al Sharpton: “Authentically Black” Or An “Authentic” Black American Sell Out/Uncle Tom?

According to Al Sharpton, among others, who have decried the rise of Republican candidate Herman Cain, he is adamant that any black American who holds conservative views, such as Herman Cain, cannot possibly be a real black person.  Of Herman Cain, says Sharpton:

I would assume he is either socially ignorant or playing games to get votes, that he couldn’t possibly have grown up and come to that conclusion unless he was one or the other.”

For anyone who has actually ever listened to Herman Cain speak, to call him “socially ignorant” is a racist, bigoted and “ignorant” statement to make, even coming from the prominent and esteemed race baiter/racist, Al Sharpton himself.  His contention that Cain is “playing games for votes” is pathetic.  How many times have we listened to Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other so called “authentically black” Americans play the race card in front of black audiences to garner support for liberal Democrats “to get votes”?

Herman Cain grew up in the “deep south”, being born in Tennessee, during segregation and Jim Crow.  For Al Sharpton, who has no claims to the south whatsoever, having been born and grown up in Brooklyn, NY, to claim that Cain has “forgotten his roots” or has abandoned them for votes, shows Sharpton’s desperation.  He is losing his control over black America.  More and more blacks are turning away from Sharpton’s racist, anti-black rhetoric and embracing the pro-black wisdom of Herman Cain, despite Sharpton’s unfounded claim that Cain’s views are the ones “at odds with a majority of the black community” in America.

One has to wonder whether it’s white people Sharpton hates more, or if it is black people he more despises.

Sharpton’s definition of “authentically black” means that a black man or woman must oppose freedom and independence and embrace slavery to, and complete dependence on, government.  In other words, the definition of being “authentically black” is the same definition of being a liberal.  And should a black man or woman denounce this, should they rather embrace the concept of freedom and liberty, in Sharpton’s anti-black and racist mind, these black Americans are the real sell outs and Uncle Tom’s.

Could it be that Al Sharpton is the one putting on the “black face” here, pretending to be black, mocking blacks, degrading blacks, all at the expense, and for the amusement of, white liberals?

Herman Cain, as former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, is a self made man.  This irritates race baiters like Sharpton because Cain never went looking for a handout from the federal government.  And Sharpton knows that any black American looking for a handout must first go through him, or Jesse Jackson, or some other middle man, and pay tribute to them for protection, counsel and representation.

In other words, Sharpton is running a mafia-like scam and racket within the black community.  It’s not criminal in the legal sense, but it is, and most reprehensible, in the moral sense.

It is Sharpton who hates black Americans who can, and want to, think for themselves.  Because those blacks that can have no need to pay Sharpton to think for them, or speak for them, on their behalf.  And that takes money of out Sharpton’s pockets.

Sharpton wants “authentically black” Americans to remain engrossed in the distorted lies and propaganda that liberalism – and white liberals – have disseminated for decades; that blacks still live under an umbrella of white racism in America; that blacks continue to be left out and held down because of white racism in America; that blacks are being intentionally denied economic, financial and educational opportunities because of white racism in America.

Fine.  But all black Americans, “authentic” or not ought to realize that the white racism that is alive and well in America can be found most prominently and directly within liberalism and the Democrat Party; that it is Al Sharpton who has willingly enslaved himself to liberalism and the Democrat Party; that he wants all black Americans to put on the shackles anew, to renounce and abandon conservatism, because it teaches and instills the idea that we really are all created equal.  He also wants black Americans to continue paying him for his “services”.

For – it is impossible for Sharpton, and other “authentic” black American sellouts, to make their living – to make a living – when they have made that living, and based that entire living, on the premise that black Americans are still unequal in America, and still have a long way to go to being equal in America.

Know this – so long as black Americans continue to listen to, heed, pay attention to (and pay money to) black garbage like Al Sharpton, they will continue to be told (sold) a counterfeit bill of goods, and they will continue to remain enslaved to the liberal premise that they are unequal.  And thus, if they believe they are unequal, they will live their lives as though they are unequal and they will never make any attempt find equality because their education into equality begins and ends with the manipulative teachings of Al Sharpton.

Herman Cain is the real deal.  Herman Cain is a real black American and a real “authentic” American.  Herman Cain is living proof any black American can been born into poverty and rise above, and out, of it to become wealthy and independent.  Herman Cain is living proof that equality among black and white Americans does exist.

Al Sharpton, conversely, is living proof that idiocy is indeed color blind.

  1. October 9, 2011 at 12:42 pm | #1

    Absolutely, only a Black man who can think for himself like Herman Cain would have stayed on the sidelines in the Civil Rights Movement while other Black men and women were putting their life in danger. Getting the rewards without the doing the work is what smart people do.

    • October 9, 2011 at 12:56 pm | #2

      Expect Herman Cain already explained that he was in high school during this time; that if he was in college he would have not remained on the “sidelines”; that he joined the navy and served his county with honor and distinction, and “put his own life on the line” while other blacks, along with whites, joined anti-American rallies, paying disservice to their country. Herman Cain grew up, grew independent and wealthy, and did the “work” so many other liberal black and white Americans refused to do. Indeed, Cain is the “smart” one. And for that, Cain was “rewarded”.

      • October 9, 2011 at 3:16 pm | #3

        Cain hit 18 in 1963. He chose to pass until the conclusion of the Civil Rights Movement in 1968. Smart decision. Everything is easier on the sidelines. No jail, no pepper spray, no injury.,

        • October 9, 2011 at 3:27 pm | #4

          In other words, Cain chose not to sacrifice himself to/for liberalism. Why risk injury/death, pepper spray/physical harm, and incarceration/jail for an idea (liberalism) that teaches blacks they have no self worth to begin with. Conservatism promotes liberty and freedom, including for blacks. Liberalism teaches blacks that only though government can they manage to eek their existence. Millions of blacks have been, and continue to be, “injured” by liberalism. Take a look at black conservatism and contrast that with black liberalism. Who’s lives are better off?

  2. Roger
    November 1, 2011 at 7:22 pm | #5

    Reading the comments here I find I must agree with the Conservatives and their outlook on life in America. If you like being poor, under privileged, with no hope of ever getting more out of life than what the government wants to give you, then fine, remain a Liberal Democrat. And while you’re at it, teach your children the same so they too can live in squallor all their lives. Working for a living and paying your own bills isn’t easy, but at the end of the road, I’ll have my pride and the satisfaction of knowing that I left my children better off than when I began my journey. Can you say the same?

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