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Is Reverse Racism Still Racism If It’s Black Americans Being Racist? (If Not, Then What Do You Call It?)

American liberalism has whitewashed the fine line between what many black Americans consider to be racist behavior.  Apparently if you are a member of the Tea Party, you are a racist by default.  And if you are a conservative, black American (whether you are a member of the Tea Party or not, but especially if you are) you are both racist and an “Uncle Tom”.

But what if you are a liberal, black American that goes around screaming racism at the top of your lungs?  Ask Maxine Waters about it.  Ask Morgan Freeman.  Ask Samuel L. Jackson about it.  And ask these people in St, Louis about it.  Why do we not have the courage to take people like this to task and call them on their own racist behavior?  And if these aren’t examples of blacks being racists themselves, what in hell would one call it?

For too long, blacks in America (and this is referring to those blacks which identify themselves as liberal, progressive, Democrats), and spurred on by race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have gotten away with the double standard that because America once was a slave nation, blacks, no matter what they do or say, or how they conduct themselves, cannot be racists.  (Unless they are black conservatives)  That is one of the greatest lies of liberalism.  Another great lie of liberalism?  It teaches and propagandizes to blacks that they are still being oppressed by white America.

In actuality it is liberalism, and liberal values, that teaches and instills these repulsive ideals into the minds of black Americans.  It is liberalism, and liberals values, that seeks to intentionally oppress black Americans and keep them disenfranchised.  It is liberalism, and liberal values, which promotes government dependency, a welfare state, more and more social programs to keep black Americans from ever realizing their true potential; to keep black Americans from having any opportunities of moving up in society, moving away from government dependency, moving out of poverty and into the middle and upper classes.

Conversely, then, it is conservatism, and conservative values, which teaches and instills just the opposite of what liberalism teaches – that black Americans have self worth; that black Americans can be independent; that black Americans can move up in society and realize unlimited wealth potential; that black Americans can throw off the shackles of liberalism and rejoice and bask in real freedom, already guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, which conservatism, and conservatives (white and black) are fighting to preserve.

So why, then, do so many millions of black Americans still allow themselves to be spellbound and brainwashed by liberals, by Democrats, by other arrogant, conceited black Americans who are only concerned about power for themselves?  Why do so many millions of black Americans still desire to be told, over and over, they are the ones being oppressed; that they need to be dependent on government – and that it is conservative, white Americans, and conservative, black, “Uncle Tom” Americans which are keeping them from living the American dream?  And why do these same black Americans so violently condemn other black Americans who do throw off the shackles of liberalism, who do embrace conservatism, who do join the Tea Party?

Why do liberal, black Americans insist that those conservative, black Americans who are able to overcome the hardships and difficulties in their lives, to move away from the poverty, the crime, the crumbling infrastructure, poor education and housing, etc., have themselves become the “Uncle Toms”?

The answer may not be easy to digest.  But the reason why is obvious.   Jealousy!

There is no other reasonable explanation for it.  For the millions of black Americans who cannot dig themselves out of their own hardships and difficulties, (and the reasons are numerous) they have embraced the liberal mantra that their hardships and difficulties are not their fault but white America’s fault, and due to white racism, and have allowed themselves to be blindsided by liberalism, and black race baiters, for decades because listening to this nonsense has given them some emotional and psychological comfort.

It is the growing number of conservative, black Americans who are rejecting liberalism’s disturbing, its own racist, values, which have irked the remaining liberal, black Americans.

There is, and there will continue to be, a tug of war, an earthquake like rumbling within the American black community as more and more black Americans take off the blinders of liberalism.  There will be violent struggle.  There will be millions of black American who, by their own free will, remain lost and bewildered, and left behind.  But for the remaining millions of black Americans the aftermath, after the walls of liberalism have crumbled and fallen down, and the rebuilding process begun, will be glorious.

The only remaining question, then, is – for those Americans who are black, where will you be in the aftermath?  Will you be found?  Or will you continue to retain your liberalism in stubbornness, in vane, and remain lost in your own jealousy?

  1. October 5, 2011 at 2:05 pm | #1

    Racism is just racism, no matter who indulges in it. Why complicate it by focusing on black racism? The reason blacks are frequently racist has to do with paternalism, for certain, but it also has a lot to do with white racism, which actually exists. Your posts suggests liberal and conservative are the only options open to them. Hopefully it’s not true. The lie that conservatives offer a way out for them is a lie, same as the one that liberals offer a way out for them. Merely choices about which side gets to use them as a political lever and voting block.

  2. jjcar
    October 5, 2011 at 5:31 pm | #2

    I would like to recommend a book titled Overcoming Our Racism by Dr. Derald Sue. I think you might find it interesting.

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