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When Is It Right For Our Government To Kill An American Citizen?

When he is an anti-American terrorist conducting and coordinating terrorist attacks against America, its allies and its interests, contrary to Ron Paul’s warped and pathetic view.  Paul ought to know better than that, whether he calls himself a Republican or a libertarian – but especially if he calls himself an American.

The killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a senior Al-Qaeda operator, and one of its most influential members, was fundamentally right and moral.  That he held American citizenship became irrelevant when he joined forces with Al-Qaeda and became a traitor.  America does kill traitors from time time.  Remember the Rosenbergs?

Ron Paul’s assertion that the killing is Unconstitutional and an impeachable offense because we did not first capture Awlaki and then give him a “fair” trial reaches far into the depths of Paul’s own lunacy and irrational thinking.  We are at war with these terrorists!  If we find, and have the chance to kill, them before they can commit further acts of terror and violence against us, thereby preventing the deaths of more American soldiers, it becomes a justifiable action, a noble and necessary tactic.

In other words – why would we wait for a time to capture him somewhere in the future when he might find himself alone and isolated, away from his comrades and innocent bystanders?   Would such a time even ever exist?  Why would we stall and allow terrorists like al-Awlaki to prepare, and carry out, more deadly attacks, killing more of our soldiers, causing more destruction and chaos, simply because he has dual citizenship with America?

Ron Paul will never win the Presidency with this type of illogical buffoonery, nor will he even win the Republican nomination for President.  How can he not know this?

Said Paul:

I put responsibility on the president because this is obviously a step in the wrong direction.  We have just totally disrespected the Constitution.”

Expect the fact that there is nothing “disrespectful” or even Unconstitutional about killing a traitor without first giving him a trial.  And Paul even called the killing a act of “tyranny”.  This form of isolationist philosophy never aided Pat Buchanan in his attempts at the Presidency – and Buchanan never stooped to Paul’s disturbing level of depraved indecency, his incendiary mockery of American law, forging such rapacious thoughts against America and American principles as calling the killing of an American born terrorist an “impeachable offense”.

And if it was “Unconstitutional” why is Ron Paul the only candidate alleging it?  No other candidate, no other American politician, Democrat or Republican, is denouncing the killing, calling it Unconstitutional, impeachable or immoral.  And other than the ACLU, and its silly cry of ‘due process”, Ron Paul hasn’t much sympathy  What does Ron Paul hope to gain by this?  More publicity?  Maybe.  But that publicity won’t generate more support for his bid at the Presidency.

Killing terrorists wherever in the world they are, is a good thing, whether they are American citizens (turned traitor) or not.  And if we haven’t the opportunity to physically apprehend them, if it is more convenient and timely to kill them rather than put our boots on the ground, risking casualty on our side doing so, and if killing them will deal such a terrible blow to Al-Qaeda and anti-American terrorism in the Middle east and around the world – why would we blow such an opportunity?

Al-Qaeda has always insisted it has time on its side; that no matter what America does, Al-Qaeda will still exist, will regroup and retrain itself in its zeal to retake the Middle East, and the world, and reforge it for, and into, its corrupted version of Islam.

The more of these terrorists we kill in the meantime, the more we will demoralize them in their vane attempt at this madness.  The more we are willing to kill them, regardless of where they are in the world, the more they will fear our retribution and know their lives are constantly in danger, giving us that much more of an edge.  The more they fear, the more they will make costly mistakes.  And the more we are willing to kill terrorists who are themselves American citizens, without wasting time with “due process”, the more American citizens with such anti-American tendencies and desires to become traitors will diminish.  What’s wrong with that?

Only Ron Paul, and maybe the ACL(screw)U thinks they know the answer to that.


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