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Why Liberals Always Play The “Conservatives Are Racist” Card

Very simply, it works.  And liberals do it to deflect, detract and distract black Americans from their own racist streaks.

We’re still discussing, analyzing (and mostly mocking)  Morgan Freeman’s silly, misdirected tirade against the Tea Party.  This was not long after the Tea Party “suffered another setback” when Maxine Waters put in her two cents.  Now we have a brand new rant from an old, tired face, Janeane Garofalo,  She has called Republicans racist for Supporting Presidential contender Herman Cain.

For anyone who is not familiar with the Tea Party, it is a:

• Grass roots movement within the Republican Party that is fighting to bring back the core conservative values which they, and many other conservatives, feel has been watered down to the point that it has become almost impossible to tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.

• A party that seeks to support candidates who will reign in fiscal spending and reduce the size of government.

• A party that seeks to support candidates who will cut taxes.   Its very name is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already.

The Tea Party is largely responsible for helping conservative Republicans win back the House of Representatives in an historic sweep in the the 2010 mid term elections.  A feat, a devastating shock and a major set back which liberals have not, nor will they, ever get over.  This is why Hollywood liberals like Morgan Freeman and Janeane Garofalo play the “conservatives are racist” card; why liberal politicians like Maxine waters does; why liberal pundits like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Ed Shultz, etc., do it; and why the liberal media establishment does nothing to expose their lies, their hypocrisy and their own racist, anti-black views which liberals have harbored for generations.  It it Janene Garafalo who is the racist!

In the above link, she has called Republicans racist for supporting Herman Cain; a business man, a candidate for President of the United States (winner of the Florida Straw Poll) and a black man.  She attests that supporting Cain helps “hide the racist element within the Republican Party”.

Ladies and gentleman – conservatives cannot seem to win.  Conservatives were called racist for opposing Barack Obama, a black man, during his successful run for the Presidency.  Now we are called racist for supporting Herman Cain, another black man, in his bid to become the second black President of the United States.

What’s going on here?

Herman Cain is both black and conservative.  This is double dynamite to liberals who view any black man or woman who rejects liberalism, who embraces conservatism and conservative values, as sell outs.  It is the reason Clarence Thomas was so vilified during his confirmation hearings; it is why Condoleezza Rice was mocked during her tenure as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush; it is why Herman Cain will not receive any support or love among most black Americans.  And if Cain wins, if he becomes the second black American President, as a conservative he will be excoriated, raked over the coals and torn to shreds by the white, liberal media establishment and Hollywood liberals like Garafalo, as black Americans like Morgan Freeman, black politicians like Waters, the majority of whom are Democrat, do nothing to stop it.

It is conservatives who love other conservatives, regardless of whether they are black or white, or even hispanic or latino, as in the case of Florida Senator, Marco Rubio.  (He is very seriously being considered as a Vice Presidential candidate)  Why would conservatives, if we really were racist, support a black man for President and a latino for Vice President?

Conversely, it is liberals like Garofalo, Freeman, Waters, Matthews, etc., who hate, despise and loathe any and all conservatives, including those who are black.  And it is why they see no hypocrisy, no racism whatsoever in their own words and beliefs (which are blatantly racist and filled with racist overtones) regarding conservatives, including those who are black.

Who are the real racists here?

It will be interesting to see, if Herman Cain does become the candidate of choice, whether or not liberals will insist on continuing to play the “conservatives are racist” card, and whether black Americans will oblige them, or finally begin to see liberals for the real racists that they are.  It will also be fascinating to observe liberals and their reaction to a Mitt Romney, Rick Perry or another white candidate becoming the Republican choice for President, and whether liberals will still cry “racism” for not more vigorously and enthusiastically supporting Cain.

However loud the “conservatives are racists” cry is now, and during the 2012 Presidential election, from liberals both black and white, an intriguing development is occurring in America.  Not only is America becoming more conservative, but more blacks are themselves throwing off the shackles of liberalism and embracing conservatism.  It is evidenced by the black exodus which is occurring, and for which the 2010 Census indicates.  More blacks are fleeing the oppressive, liberal north for the more inviting, conservative south which offer blacks better living conditions, less crime and more job opportunities with more competitive wages.

In the next ten years, as this steady migration among blacks from the north to the south continues, as more blacks become conservatives, as more states become “redstate” conservative states and Democrats and liberals lose even more power and influence, one thing is for sure – that cry of “conservatives are racists” will be most loudest among white liberals and less apparent within black circles.  That cry of “conservatives are racists” will be drowned out by a rousing conservative “Huzzah!” by both whites and blacks shouting in unison, in harmony, in the spirit of American conservatism, in the spirit of America itself.

And white liberals will have nowhere, or no one, to play their “conservatives are racists” card to.  Except themselves.


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  1. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. When your party has nothing to run on and nothing to show for it as well, the only tactic to use is the distraction method. Right out of the playbook!.

    Comment by Proud Conservative | September 29, 2011 | Reply

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