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Bust The Unions (Union Smuggery Knows No Limits)

Andrew Breitbart to Public Sector Unions: Bring it On – Katie Pavlich.

What really happens to someone who opposes the reprehensible, vindictive terrorism perpetrated by unions and union thugs who use such tactics as a means to intimidate and bring into line anyone who might pose a threat to them and their livelihood?  Is it like in the movies and on television, where such people are physically and brutally harmed, or killed?

Make no mistake about it – it is!

In real life, this is what unions have devolved themselves into doing.  Whether you call it union thuggery, union buggery, union muggery – it all boils down to union smuggery – a long standing, deeply seeded arrogance and conceit ingrained among all unions and union heads.  Hostility and violence has become a staple, and very lucrative, way of life for them; it is all they know.  In public, in front of the cameras, they use violent words and innuendo (and sometimes they throw all innuendo out the window) to describe their frustration with capitalism, the free market, private business and the right to work without being forced to pay union dues.  It used to be in private, or deep into the night when all the lights went out, they put their words aside and used other, non conventional methods of persuasion.  However:

Look at open, broad daylight union smuggery in action here, here and here.  One has to wonder, who are the unions really looking out for?  Google it, check it out on YouTube, union smuggery is, except for the mainstream media, everywhere!   But don’t look upon this as discouraging.  On the contrary, these brazen, cheap assaults are clear evidence conservatives are winning.  Union thugs never had to commit so much time and energy, in public, to denouncing and denigrating us before.  We’re getting to them and they are panicking.  They are also getting very sloppy in their retaliations.

Recall all the hoopla and ballyhooing that occurred in Wisconsin earlier this year because its Governor, Scott Walker, had to balance his state budget and the unions, rather than coming to the table to compromise on an agreeable solution, told all the Democrats in the state legislature to flee the state.  Incidents like this happen all the time all over America, and more and more conservatives are standing up and fighting back. exposing unions for the thugs they are, and less and less afraid of retaliatory actions.  (By the way, Scott Walker succeeded in balancing his budget.  The Unions lost.  And they lost a lot more than they would have had they been grown up enough to come to the table early on and work with Walker.)

Take the Tea Party, for example.  A rising influence within the Republican Party.  Because of this grass roots effort, conservatives won the house back from the Democrats last November 2010.  And there is a growing sense, and polling evidence, we can take back the senate and the White House in November 2012.  Because unions are so heavily entrenched within the Democrat party, this does not bode well for them should Republicans – tea party conservatives in particular – retake power.   Unions, which support repressive and oppressive measures such as higher taxes, bigger government and less freedom, know conservatives will work to overturn and abolish these  pro union measures for pro conservative, pro America measures – less government, lower taxes and more personal freedom, including supporting every workers right to work in any state, in any business without being forced to pay union dues.

Unions won’t go away anytime soon, and they won’t go away quietly; and although union membership continues to dwindle throughout America as more businesses opt out of union representation and refuse to even consider partnering with a union, so long as unions can find a way into the pockets of Democrats and RINO Republicans, and other weak-minded, prone to corruption politicians, they, union thuggery, and union smuggery, will remain a contentious fixture in American society.  That is why we conservatives need to continue in our efforts to  -

Bust the unions!



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