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Kos Shows His Hypocrisy While Quoting Rick Perry

Daily Kos :: News Community Action.

The Daily Kos ran this “interesting” quote from Texas governor Rick Perry overnight:

“You gotta be for life, I mean how do you get up every morning and look yourself in the mirror if you can’t be for life?”

Rick Perry, who has presided over a record 234 executions as Texas govern


Here, Kos tries to dupe his readers by making the argument that Rick Perry is a hypocrite, that Perry is in some way contradicting himself saying on the one hand he is “for life” while on the other hand “presiding over 234 executions”.  However, the only hypocrite here is Kos himself.

There is absolutely no comparison whatsoever between that of a convicted criminal awaiting his/her death and an unborn child awaiting his/her birth, which is what Perry is referring to when when he says, “You gotta be for life”.

Either Kos thinks his readers are too stupid to know this, or they are too stupid.  We as a society put do death convicted criminals for having committed atrocious, heinous acts against humanity itself.  Of course we sleep better at night because of this.  And although innocent people are occasionally put to death, because of DNA testing and rapidly evolving technology, this is becoming more and more rare.

Think about is.  A convict awaiting execution has already been given a chance in life to choose a more moral and ethical livelihood.  Instead, they chose a path that led them to death row.  Contrast that with an unborn child awaiting his/her death by abortion.   They never had a chance for anything, and yet Kos, who decries the death penalty for convicted criminals that have committed such crimes against humanity warranting their execution, vehemently supports the death penalty for unborn children whose only offense was that they are, and have become, an inconvenience to their mother.

Kos may say, “well even putting one innocent person to death is enough to abolish the death penalty”.  But would he ever say, “Well putting to death even one innocent unborn child is enough to end abortion?”

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